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This week’s article deals with property rights, one of the most important factors that determine the success or failure of any economy. The denial of property rights to black South Africans prevented them from building up assets in land. Although they built houses, they did not own them. Future generations of South Africans need to be assured that their property will be secure from invasion or confiscation, which means that property rights for all must be assured now and into the future.

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Property rights our most important fight in South Africa – CHRIS HATTINGH

For South Africans to build their communities, increase their wealth and make better lives for their children, their private property rights have to be secure, free from interference by others and any political force. Private property rights secure the right of any producer to earn and use their property as they deem fit. Investors, whilst willing to take some risks with their funds, want to be sure that the enterprises in which they are investing will not be arbitrarily seized because of a government edict out of the blue. Black South Africans were denied their property rights by the Apartheid government. Now that they are acquiring property, they need to have absolute assurance that their property is safe, no matter what political party may be in power. Also, if we want to ensure that people stay and invest in the country, they must be secure in the knowledge that the property they have earned is safe.


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Wednesday, February 15 MEDIA BRIEFING – Rex van Schalkwyk From ridicule to prison: nowhere to hide from the HATE SPEECH BILL @ 11h00 @ FMF RSVP

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