FMF NEWSLETTER 11 December 2019


FMF NEWSLETTER 11 December 2019   

Dear friend of the FMF,

Rise to the challenge!

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 FMF R1Million Challenge is now in full swing.

The R1Million Challenge is our annual fundraising initiative now in its 6th year.
Any donation you make to the FMF before 18 January 2020 will have 50% added by our sponsor.
The FMF is the oldest free market think-tank in South Africa, and one of the oldest in the world.
We are a non-profit organisation and are entirely reliant for our operational funding on donations by private individuals and organisations such as yourselves.
No amount is too small to matter to us.
No amount is too small to have the 50% added.

Please donate now

Thank you to our generous sponsor for making the 2019 FMF R1 Million Challenge possible.
We ask that our members and friends rise to the challenge with support for the Free Market Foundation.
It is only with your support  that we may continue to strive for a better tomorrow for all South Africans.

ARTICLE of the week  

New or higher taxes won’t work, and could be unconstitutionalMARTIN VAN STADEN and JACQUES JONKER

The trade union federation Cosatu recently called for tax increases, particularly on the wealthy, to arrest South Africa’s economic down spiral. But economist Arthur B Laffer, known for popularising the Laffer curve, shows us that beyond a certain point, tax revenue will decline as tax rates increase. It is curious, then, that with tax collection in South Africa declining, government appears ready to answer Cosatu’s call to raise tax rates and introduce new taxes, among other things to try and pay for the National Health Insurance scheme. A move that will not only backfire, but is also clearly unreasonable and incompatible with the Rule of Law. 

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FESTIVE Season message  

The FMF Board, Directors, consultants and staff wish our members, friends and fans a rejuvenating Festive Season. We look forward in 2020 to working toward a future filled with growth, employment and hope.  

Latest FMF event video (WATCH)   

SUMMARY: National Health Insurance Patrick Bracher
SUMMARY: National Health Insurance Dr Johann Serfontein
National Health Insurance is catastrophic for SA’s healthcare and economy – Dr Johann Serfontein, Michael Settas and Patrick Bracher

Latest FREE MARKETEERS podcast  

SAA's business rescue and traffic police brutality

FMF in the media  

Media release Government is intent on destroying private health insurance to pave the way for its NHI scheme
Media release Historic land titling event in Alex, Johannesburg

Media Digest & Cuttings NOVEMBER 2019 for all media coverage

WORTH reading  

South Africa: Tax Revenues from The Digital Economy
South Africa faces US Trade sanctions over online piracy
Hate speech? Or just mild disapproval speech?




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