FMF Newsletter - 13 April 2021

13 April 2022

Governments have no business micromanaging our lives
Richard J Grant

When you drop a rubber ball on the pavement, no one should really be surprised when the ball bounces back toward your hand. No one would ascribe it to your superpowers, your powers of levitation. You might have to lower your hand slightly to catch it, but it will return much of the way.


FMF is pleased to announce that:
Within the last couple of weeks FOUR previous Khaya Lam funders have chosen to sponsor Khaya Lam again this year; their combined donations will convert another 152 council-owned rental residences into private property.
Last week FMF received 260 title deeds from the Bloemfontein Deeds Office, 201 of them being backlog deeds for which applications were submitted by our late-project manager Perry Feldman a year or more ago.
FMF’s 2023 budgeted target for Khaya Lam transfers is 250 per month. In March we did 267; in April we have already done 279.
Khaya Lam has to date transferred 7,389 properties, changing lives and at a conservative estimate of R100,000 per home adding R738,900,000 into the economy.
- If we achieve our goal of 250 transfers per month, come the end of the 2023 financial year we will have done over 10,000 transfers, injecting over a billion rand into the economy.

Let’s aim for that!

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