FMF Newsletter - 13 October 2021

13 October 2021


The Constitution after the Section 25 Proposed Amendment  Prof Robert Vivian & Martin van Staden

The ad hoc committee charged with dealing with the bill amending section 25 of the constitution has now completed its task. It is therefore necessary to consider the implications of having a constitution that includes expropriation without compensation, state custodianship of land and "protecting land for future generations", and that abandons to parliament the power to determine when expropriation without compensation will apply.

Khaya Lam (My Home)
Land Reform Project

Imagine 20 million South Africans benefiting from freehold property titles.
The best investment you could possibly make in South Africa's future.
The best investment you could ever make in South Africa's future is to support the Khaya Lam Project. Khaya Lam means “My Home”, which is what people usually say when they have a title deed to the home they live in. This is a claim at least 20 million South Africans cannot make because their families have never owned a home. Never had a fully tradable title deed that allows them to say with pride, “This is my home!”

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