FMF Newsletter - 14 December 2022

14 December 2022

FMF R1 Million Challenge appeal
by FMF Chairman Rex van Schalkwyk

The FMF's annual R1 Million Challenge fundraising initiative is officially open.

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“Health” laws harm small business – Gary Moore

Regulations require restaurants to have windows of minimum size and rust-free walls. If a restaurant does not comply, an inspector tells the owner to remedy this. The focus is compliance, not hygiene.
Analyses by environmental-health and medical officers in Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal show that food from street vendors is scarcely ever unsound, because it is cooked and sold immediately.

On December 6 an event was hosted in Rammulotsi, where 100 title deeds, sponsored by five donors, were handed to happy residents. 

With the generous support of sponsors and conveyancers, the FMF has to date transferred over 9,600 properties to former council tenants. Thank you to all concerned – you are changing lives! 
If you would like to donate to Khaya Lam (just R2,750 per title deed), you can do so HERE.

FESTIVE Season message

The FMF Board, Directors and staff wish our members, friends and fans a rejuvenating Festive Season. We look forward in 2023 to working toward a future filled with growth, employment and hope.  

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