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The ANC is holding its fifth National Policy Conference from 30 June to 5 July 2017. Delegates will discuss and decide upon ANC policy for the next five years. President Jacob Zuma has set the tone by calling for “radical economic transformation”, which is the underlying theme across all policy discussion documents.

FMF has come out in support of radical economic transformation. However, unlike government and the ANC, the FMF can define what radical transformation would look like: A substantive change from past and current economic policies, to “radical” free markets, that is, less of the same and more of something new.

FMF plans to release 10 media releases before end-June outlining the FMF’s vision for radical economic transformation. Each will include links to submissions and proposals to show South Africa that real economic transformation is not only possible and viable, but desirable for all.


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Legislation, such as the FAIS Act, that is in conflict with the rule of law, grants extraordinary discretionary powers to officials and private financial service providers. Author of this week's feature article Gary Moore, describes an aspect of this Act which “vests in employers the power and obligation to banish (“debar”) financial-services representatives from the entire industry”. As the author points out, this requirement is in direct contravention with the rule of law. The activities of the FSB have a similarity to the Dr Seuss story about King Looie Katz of Katzen-stein, whose oppressive hierarchy ended in a revolt started by the lowliest cat, which ended the hierarchy and led to democracy.            

Making America great again
An article worth reading by Temba A Nolutshungu, is Making America great again, which was published in Forbes magazine on 10/06/2016 and is republished with permission from Forbes. The following striking paragraph appears in the article: “Liberty is what made the United States of America different from the rest of the world. It was at the core of America’s historical greatness and the fundamental value of its people. Liberty is embedded in the American constitution. It defines it. It is a return to the liberty on whose shoulders modern-day Americans stand that will make America great again.”

FEATURE article  

FAIS: Debarring representatives violates the Rule of Law – GARY MOORE
Financial services employees get unequal treatment

The provision of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act of 2002 (“FAIS”) that vests in employers the power and obligation to banish (“debar”) financial-services representatives from the entire industry, has the effect of discriminating against far too many. This is in direct contravention of the Rule of Law which requires that the laws of the land be applied equally and consistently to all.

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Wednesday, June 21 MEDIA BRIEFING – Dr Martyn Davies, Managing Director of Emerging Markets & Africa at Deloitte The secret of China’s success – innovation and entrepreneurship @ 11h00 @  FMFRSVP

Wednesday, June 28 EVENING TALK – Dawie Roodt, Chief Economist of Efficient Group The virtual future - an economist's perspective @ 17h45 @  FMFRSVP

Saturday, Juy 1 FMF YOUTH EVENT – Jim Powell, Founder Direct Democracy South Africa – DIRECT DEMOCRACY is a government system that ensures accountability to you the voter! @ 09h30 @  FMFRSVP

Thursday, July 6 NON-FMF inviteConstitutional dialogue: Breakfast discussion series 2017 @ 07h00 @ Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton – for more information and  RSVP

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Business Day column Benefit deniers and credit takers cling to colonialism debate – Leon Louw, 7 June 2017

Media releases Radical legal transformation: Embrace Mandela’s rule of law not apartheid arbitrary governance
Radical healthcare transformation: Bring healthcare back to the people and away from government

Media digest APRIL 2017 for all media coverage

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