FMF Newsletter - 15 December 2021

15 December 2021

Expropriation Without Compensation – have South Africa’s citizens merely dodged the bullet?  Rejoice Ngwenya

History repeats itself – with vicious, chilling accuracy. Just under twenty years ago, the Zimbabwean justice system seemed to have prevailed over a frothing-at-the-mouth late President Robert Mugabe who had lost a number of court battles against the besieged white commercial farmers. Just like South Africa’s Joint Constitutional Review Committee (Joint CRC), both Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Commission (1998) and Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (2009) had conducted extensive public hearings in all ten provinces of Zimbabwe. “The sole purpose of these extensive public engagements was to get public inputs on” Zimbabwe’s ideal constitutional framework. I was involved at the highest level as rapporteur for both process – an incredible feat in retrospect.

FESTIVE Season message

The FMF Board, Directors and staff wish our members, friends and fans a rejuvenating Festive Season. We look forward in 2022 to working toward a future filled with growth, employment and hope.

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