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To all our supporters, members, friends, and the South African public, please take all necessary steps to remain safe and healthy in these very difficult times. 

The FMF has been hard at work researching the impact of the lockdown, especially the impact of regulations on poorer South Africans.

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The COVID-19 response shows government can't handle NHI – CHRIS HATTINGH

South Africa's government-imposed COVID-19 lockdown was supposedly instituted to buy the government time to manage the spread of the virus, and to allow the public healthcare sector to prepare its own facilities adequately for an increase in COVID-19 cases. But even with massive public goodwill, and a solid chunk of time to prepare, it has become clear that the government has not managed to do this.

We have been told countless times, including during President Cyril Ramaphosa's 12 July speech, that South Africa will have a National Health Insurance (NHI), and that this will be aimed at catering for the healthcare needs of the nation. That it will be run efficiently and will not increase healthcare costs. Yet, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the government was afforded the opportunity, and extra time, to tackle a looming crisis. Based on what we now know it is clear that the government was, and is, not up to the task.

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A horrible budget in horrible times  Dawie Roodt

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FMF CEO Statement  On the declaration of the illegality of lockdown regulations
Media release 
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FMF interview on eNCA Govt forcing people to ignore lockdown regulations – Chris Hattingh
FMF interview on BizNews Upacking Davis judgement which lays into NDZ's "irrational" lockdown regulations – Leon Louw, FMF CEO

FMF articles
If SA’s serious about changing course it must adopt Sowell’s ideas of freedom Chris Hattingh

Gordhan vs Mboweni: The stage is set for the ultimate political showdown – Jacques Jonker
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Quarterly Review: January 2020 – March 2020
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Upcoming interview on GROOTfm
Former FMF Board member Brand Pretorius will be discussing what we can do to ensure our survival in these tough times, as well as guidelines for sustainable success in the post Covid-19 era
16 July at 19h00

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Worth readings  

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