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Telecoms policy videos
FMF is very concerned about government’s plans to effectively nationalise mobile network infrastructure, which will be a disaster for technological advancement. Below are links to three brief videos dealing with telecoms policy.
Did you know there are more cell phones in SA than people?
In this video Xola Ntshinga notes how cell phone technology has changed in the past 20 years, the impact it has had on all South Africans and the costs involved in maintaining our mobile networks
Did you know data prices in SA are not as high as #datamustfall asserts?
In this video Xola Ntshinga details just some of the issues impacting the price of data: load shedding, vandalism, licensing fees, constraints on spectrum allocation, state-mandated discounts to schools, hospitals, clinics, universities and FET’s - a cost that must be carried by paying consumers
Did you know telecoms policy is nationalisation and expropriation in disguise?
In this video Xola Ntshinga interviews Adrian Schofield who outlines major concerns with ICT policy which proposes changing structures to increase government control rather than facilitate access, and introduces a Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN) never successfully implemented anywhere else in the world

This week’s feature article focuses on the recent strike by metered taxi drivers against the ride-hailing app, Uber. Taxi drivers took to the streets last week, demanding that Uber cease its business activities and leave the country. They argue that Uber drivers are stealing their jobs and that government has done nothing to stop them. Chris Hattingh explains why the taxi drivers are focused on the wrong target; they should be fighting against government-imposed price controls which force them to run unprofitable ventures. Uber drivers are there to serve the consumer and should not be vilified for making a living in a voluntary manner.

FEATURE article  

Taxi drivers call for higher consumer prices – CHRIS HATTINGH

On 10 March, the metered taxi drivers took to the streets of Johannesburg and severely impacted traffic to and from O R Tambo International Airport. They were protesting the ride-hailing app Uber which they say is ‘stealing their jobs’. They state they had exhausted all avenues in government as their appeals for government to use force, failed; it was, therefore, time for them to take matters into their own hands and use their own force instead to prevent voluntary trade between Uber and its customers.

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March 16 & 17 The Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation will be exhibiting the results of a study of Eveline Street, a high street in Katutura, Windhoek. The research provides important lessons for urban policy makers in South Africa on how land management reforms, private ownership, enterprise formalisation and entrepreneurial investment have resulted in a dynamic high street economy. For more info and to RSVP: (NOTE – SCROLL DOWN TO END OF PAGE)

Wednesday, March 29 MEDIA BRIEFING – Leon Louw, FMF Executive Director; Terry Markman, FMF Exco Member and Perry Feldman, Khaya Lam (My Home) Land Reform Project Manager – Land reform without expropriation –  @ 17h45 @ FMF RSVP

May 24 & 25 2017 Africa Liberty Forum Sandton – more info to follow

June 6 Global Intellectual Property Centre roundtableJohannesburg – more info to follow

You will be able to watch every event LIVE via the FMF’s Facebook page by clicking this link:

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* NEW Gareth Cliff – Internet access and free speech
* NEW Xola Ntshinga – Did you know telecoms policy is nationalisation and expropriation in disguise?
* NEW Xola Ntshinga – Did you know data prices in SA are not as high as #datamustfall asserts?
* NEW Xola Ntshinga – Did you know there are more cell phones in SA than people?

Rex van Schalkwyk – From ridicule to prison: Nowhere to hide from the Hate Speech Bill
Leon Louw & Dobek Pater – Telecoms policy will set back SA’s development by decades
Mark Oppenheimer – Free speech: A vanishing right

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