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In this week’s feature article, Rob Price explains why critics of capitalism falsely attribute societal problems to this system of voluntary trade between people. Capitalism is an easy target for those who are not willing to acknowledge the heart of societal issues. Price explains that South Africa’s socio-economic system is not capitalism, as the state plays an increasingly larger role in people’s lives. The more legislation and control, the easier it is for large corporations to freeze out smaller competitors. Humans will always make mistakes, but when they are free they will also produce incredible products. Stifling human freedom and trade will only lead to hardship for all people.

LATEST on Khaya Lam – Land Reform Project
Presentation of 100 title deeds to Kwakwatsi residents sponsored by Standard Bank
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WORTH READING: Get South Africa Growing by Brian Kantor
"In my book Get SA Growing, I try to build trust in, and respect for, market forces by examining and explaining what goes on in our economy and how and why it could be better organised for the benefit of nearly all of us – especially for the many desperate poor. We should have more respect for the rights of individuals to make their own decisions and bear the consequences of them." READ more here.

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Capitalism: A straw man for the world’s problems – ROB PRICE

Capitalism is such a despised and derided term that I often dissociate myself from it. Cowardly? Perhaps. But I don’t think there is anything necessarily wrong with my view. Humans adjust to the world around them and identify themselves with terminology that creates a positive association. As my friend Russ Lamberti says, (paraphrasing) “people are never convinced by an idea if they think it makes them less morally appealing”. I’d rather associate with freedom of choice, open and honest ideas, the efficiency of markets and the beauty of networks than “cold-hearted capitalism”.

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Radical economic transformation means South Africans keep and control their own money


Wednesday, 25 October EVENING EVENT – Knox Msebenzi, Managing Director of the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA)Common myths about nuclear @17h45 @ FMF – RSVP

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Wednesday, 25 October Agbiz information day (non-FMF event), Paarl, Western Cape | Current challenges in policy and legislation environment and opportunities in the agribusiness sector. RSVP before 25 September 2017 by clicking HERE

27-29 October  Libsem Wakkerstroom (non-FMF event) This year’s libertarian seminar will be held at Papillon in Wakkerstroom from 27-29 October.  The registration which includes 3 lunches, teas and coffees is R450 per person. For more information, please contact Frances Kendall on

Saturday, 4 November The Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre Award presentation in Cape Town @ Artscape Opera House, Cape Town RSVP

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Media release Key Standard Bank support helps 100 residents of Kwakwatsi find true economic transformation in a title deed and home ownership
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