23 June 2021

F R E E   M A R K E T   F O U N D A T I O N   A W A R D

On Wednesday evening June 23, the FMF will bestow the first Free Market Foundation Award upon Pandemics: Data and Analytics (PANDA), a group of multi-disciplinary professionals, "for making a credible case for freedom as an alternative to lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic". Nick Hudson, Chairman of PANDA, will accept the award on behalf of the group.
Martin van Staden, member of the FMF’s Executive Committee, says that the FMF Award is meant "to recognise those individuals and groups who advocate effectively for freedom both intellectually and practically".
Prof Robert Vivian, Deputy Chairman of the FMF’s Executive Committee, reasons the award to PANDA as follows: “The West has lost a great deal of freedom and that freedom will only be regained if people have the courage to stand against bigotry, which is what PANDA has done."  

You can watch the award ceremony LIVE at 1800 June 23 HERE 

Busting the NHI myth – Chris Hattingh
National Health Insurance (NHI) is being sold as a panacea for all of SA's health-care problems, but don't be fooled.  

Nationalising the management of all health care and putting it in the hands of the state will not solve any of the structural and systemic problems that afflict the public and private health sector.

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