FMF NEWSLETTER 24 March 2021

24 March 2021

- All people have a right to life and the right to conduct it as they see fit, provided they do not impinge upon the similar rights of others
- Amongst the most fundamental rights of all persons is the right to own and control property and the produce of their own efforts and to dispose of it as they see fit
- No person or group has the right to initiate violence or the threat of violence against any other person or group
- The only economic system consistent with the above fundamental rights is a market economy

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Invitation to a Live Podcast with Robert Vivian
TOPIC: Parliament will need more than the ANC and EFF to make EWC a reality
TODAY, 24 March 2021 @ 11am
This podcast will be live-streamed:


SA needs a police service geared to serve the people - Martin van Staden

Seeing members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) suspiciously eyeing grant beneficiaries queuing outside welfare offices, or leisure-seekers sitting quietly on the beach in December -- as if they are criminals -- must make any constitutionalist cringe. Or indeed anyone remotely aware of South Africa's violent crime problem. Rather than doing whatever incompetent politcians tell them to do, and with the disastrous COVID-19 lockdown foremost in mind, what South Africa needs is a police service dedicated to fighting real crime.

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