FMF Newsletter - 25 August 2021

25 August 2021

FMF is pleased to report that an amended Constitution was adopted at the 19 August 2021 Special General Meeting (SGM). One amendment was made to the proposed amendments: In Clause 4, “Executive Committee” was replaced with “Board”. The clause now reads: The head office of the Foundation will be situated in Johannesburg or at such other place within the Republic of South Africa as the Board may decide.
46 members attended the SGM, the majority virtually; 23 voted as proxies for one other member each, bringing the total possible votes to 69.
A motion to postpone the SGM was tabled: 82,61% opposed and the meeting continued.
An indicative vote regarding several membership and proxy clauses was held: 85,94% approved the clauses.
The main resolution – resolved that the existing constitution of the Foundation (the “Existing Constitution”) be and is hereby replaced by the new constitution (the “New Constitution”)… – was passed with 84,38% voting in favour.
The Constitution may be read

The Basic Income Grant (BIG) – an analysis 
– Sindile Vabaza

The background

The proposal for a universal basic income grant (BIG) has been on the table for almost 20 years. It was first recommended by the Committee of Inquiry (Taylor Committee) into a Comprehensive System of 
Social Security for South Africa in 2002, after a number of civil society organisations had petitioned for it on account of persistent poverty and structural inequality.

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