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This week the FMF sent its submission on the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill to the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. In the submission we highlighted our concern that the Bill introduces a draconian limitation on freedom of expression which is unrivalled in the free world. Even if the Bill’s provisions are not used to their most oppressive extent, the chilling effect will be felt across our media and civil society.
Not only is freedom of expression in jeopardy, but more fundamentally, our right to have opinions of our own is in the crosshairs of government. In ordinary discussion, the Bill prohibits South Africans from ‘insulting’ (with the intention to bring into contempt, or ridicule) another person or persons based on, among other things, their beliefs, occupation, or culture.
The FMF will be regularly tweeting memes which highlight the dangers in the Bill. We would appreciate your engagement and retweets, so as to raise awareness about the potentially disastrous consequences on our constitutional democracy. Please keep an eye, therefore, on @FMFSouthAfrica.
The full submission, which includes a short executive summary, can be accessed here.
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Don’t Take Government Bullying Lying Down – MARTIN VAN STADEN

Through both apathy and fear, South Africa’s businessmen and women have allowed local law making to become hopelessly inconsistent with the doctrine of ‘the rule of law’, a principle that underpins our entire Constitution. The ‘rule of law’ requires a government that is predictable, consistent, operates according to strict and known criteria and, most important of all, is not able to act arbitrarily or at the personal whim of one or more officials. The rule of law is not the “good” or “effective” enforcement of the law, it is a separate legal doctrine that informs our entire body of law, a principle fully endorsed once again by the Constitutional Court in the Van der Walt case.


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Friday, January 27 MEDIA BRIEFING (NB: CAPE TOWN) – Adrian Schofield (IITPSA) & Leon Louw, FMF Telecommunications proposed policy will set back SA's ICT development by decades @ 09H30 in CAPE TOWN, Holiday Inn Express, 101 St Georges Mall, City Centre – for more info and to RSVP click here

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