FMF NEWSLETTER 29 January 2020


FMF NEWSLETTER 29 January 2020   

Dear friend of the FMF,

FMF R1Million Challenge Success!

Thank you to everyone who rose to the challenge and donated to the 2019 / 2020 FMF R1million Challenge. Thank you to our incredible sponsor who made the Challenge possible. The result of your generosity is that we have reached the R1,5 Million target!

We are deeply grateful for your fantastic support and are conscious of the responsibility your generosity carries. Our mission is clear. We will work vigorously and tirelessly for free markets, economic freedom and the rule of law in South Africa. It is only with your support that we can continue to strive for a better tomorrow for all South Africans.

If you were not able to donate to this year’s challenge but wish to support the Free Market Foundation, please bear in mind that you still have until the end of February to make a tax-deductible donation for the current tax year.

The FMF is a registered Public Benefit Organisation to which donors can make tax-deductible donations up to 10% of their taxable incomes.

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ARTICLE of the week  

We need less, not more, government intervention in the economy – MPIYAKHE DHLAMINI

Government intervention in the economy simply does not work. It is a mystery, then, why so many otherwise intelligent people keep calling for more of the same. After years of low growth (12 years now) concurrent with government fiscal deficits and various stimulus packages, we are now faced with retrenchments across the economy. The latest of which is Massmart announcing that it is considering retrenching 1,400 people.

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Latest FMF event video (WATCH)   

Increasing access to quality healthcare in SA MICHAEL SETTAS and ADRIAN PARSONS


Wednesday, 5 February 2020 EVENING EVENT Liberalism in South Africa, it's history and prospects for 2020 and beyond John Kane-Berman; Gwen Ngwenya and Martin van Staden @ 17h45 for 18h15 @ FMF RSVP

Latest FREE MARKETEERS podcasts  

SAA gets another R3.5 billion
Expropriation without compensation in 2020

SARB nationalisation, taxing the taxis, and retrenchments at DionWired

FMF in the media  

Media release Banning private health insurance denies citizens access to quality healthcare
Media Digest & Cuttings DECEMBER 2019 for all media coverage

WORTH reading  

The New York Times explains why the minimum wage should be $0.00
Government intent on destroying private health insurance to pave the way for NHI




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