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This week’s feature article examines the philosophical underpinnings of the latest social-grant crisis. President Zuma spoke at length on this topic at a celebration of Human Rights Day. Chris Hattingh makes the case that we need to shift our focus from dependence on the state through grants, to freeing up South Africa’s 9 million unemployed people so that they can find jobs, start businesses and employ others. Politicians use empty buzz-phrases to brush aside the concerns and needs of the poor; we must hold them to account for their words. When people’s minds are truly liberated, they are free to live as they want and not depend on the state for their existence. Government grants do not equal liberated minds, and we need to move away from this perspective.

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Liberated minds, liberated people – CHRIS HATTINGH

On 21 March, South Africans celebrated Human Rights Day, enjoying a day off work and reflecting on what progress the country has made since the fall of the Apartheid government and our first democratic elections in 1994. President Jacob Zuma celebrated the day in King Williamstown where he addressed a gathering on the subject of socio-economic rights. The President said our country “needs liberated minds in order to achieve radical economic transformation. In the same speech, he assured recipients of government social grants that they would receive their money at the end of the month. While I may agree with the President that much progress has been made since 1994, it defeats me to see how liberated minds can possibly be linked to government hand-outs.

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