FMF Newsletter - 3 August 2022

3 August 2022

Dear funders, members, friends and fans
You may have received emails from a group calling itself “Friends of the FMF” with a mailing address in Finland and a return email address
This group, sadly including former President of the FMF, Leon Louw, is using the following without the FMF’s permission:
1.           An FMF mailing list.
2.           An FMF logo.
3.           FMF contact details.
4.           FMF regulatory numbers (our NPO and PBO details).
5.           FMF website addresses.    
You may have noted that several details included by the “Friends” date from around ten years ago: the PO Box number, Mweb email address and Health Policy Unit website are all defunct.
You may also have noted that the tone and style of the most recent correspondence is inappropriate and clearly intended to do FMF harm.
The FMF executive team is considering what legal action is possible under the circumstances. In the meantime, if you disapprove of the actions of the “Friends”, you might consider unsubscribing.
Executive Committee
Chairman: Gail Day



The ideology of the WOAN and its toxic remnants

On 17 March 2022, South Africa’s Government finally concluded the auction process of mobile radio spectrum, during which 306 MHz of spectrum were bid off to the six participating carriers: Cell C, Liquid Telecom, MTN, Rain, Telkom and Vodacom. The most important results of the auction were that MTN and Vodacom obtained 210 MHz. This marks the end of a disgraceful period of 17 years during which South Africa’s two leading carriers were denied any spectrum of significant size.

Dr Christoph Klein

John Kane-Berman

Property rights = growth
SA Affordable Housing chatted with Gail Day, Executive Manager of the Free Market Foundation (FMF) on their Khaya Lam initiative.


In July, FMF transferred 713 properties – probably our best month ever! This brings us to 1500 transfers this financial year ie since March. This is an average of 300 per month; our budgeted target for the year was 250 per month. Pretty exciting!

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