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The R1Million Challenge is our annual fundraising initiative now in its 7th year. Any donation you make to the FMF before 31 March 2021 will have 50% added by our sponsor.
The FMF is the oldest free market think-tank in South Africa, and one of the oldest in the world.
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FIGHT back against EWC  

Expropriation without compensation is unheard of in the open and democratic societies of the world. No society that has attempted expropriation without compensation has emerged from such an initiative with a prosperous economy – instead, ruin and poverty always resulted. Zimbabwe is already in the early stages of walking back its own experiment with no-compensation expropriation, and we must expect something similar to happen once the criminal regime of Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela comes to an end.

South Africa’s government is attempting to introduce expropriation without compensation in South Africa by amending section 25 of the Constitution to allow itself to expropriate private property without paying for it. The amendment to the Constitution itself is still being finalised by government, but the technical details for its implementation have already been published in the form of the Expropriation Bill. See the FMF’s submission on the constitutional amendment [here].

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Hoop in medemens, nie in die regering nie – Chris Hattingh  

President Ramaphosa het laas week kommentaar gelewer op die onlangse parlementêre debat wat gevolg het op sy  staatsrede van 2021. Die president het, onder meer, Suid-Afrikaners gevra om die goeie in die land en hul medemens raak te sien en te waardeer, en om nie die heeltyd op die negatiewe te fokus nie. Suid-Afrikaners het elke rede om die goed in ander raak te sien; deur selfs die moeilikste tye probeer bure en gemeenskappe vir mekaar omsien, en mense skenk aan liefdadighede (wanneer die regering dit nie óók verban nie).

Maar ná amper 'n volle jaar van die regering se irrasionele hantering van die Covid-19 pandemie (die verbanning op gekookte hoender en e-handel, asook persoonlike beskermende toerusting-korrupsie en die entstofdebakel staan uit) en jare van die regering se vernietigende ideologie en beleide – het burgers ongelooflik min rede om die goeie in die regering te sien. 

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