FMF Alternatives to ANC Policy Proposals at ANC National Policy Conference
The ANC is holding its fifth National Policy Conference from 31 June to 5 July 2017. Delegates will discuss and decide upon ANC policy for the next five years. President Jacob Zuma has set the tone by calling for “radical economic transformation”, which is the underlying theme across all policy discussion documents.

FMF has come out in support of radical economic transformation. However, unlike government and the ANC, the FMF can define what radical transformation would look like: A substantive change from past and current economic policies, to “radical” free markets, that is, less of the same and more of something new.
FMF plans to release 10 media releases before end-June outlining the FMF’s vision for radical economic transformation. Each will include links to submissions and proposals to show South Africa that real economic transformation is not only possible and viable, but desirable for all.
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This week’s feature article provides a thorough rejection of pseudo-economic mantras such as nationalisation and the spectre of “white monopoly capital”. Martin van Staden rejects the argument that nationalisation will solve our economic problems and calls for a simple, logical and clear return to basic principles. Marxist theory underpins fallacious positions such as nationalisation and van Staden, in his article, unravels this approach. If we want real economic transformation, he maintains, we cannot continually fall prey to these false arguments.

FEATURE article  

The first step to growth: Reject pseudo-economics – MARTIN VAN STADEN

Murray Rothbard, economist and political philosopher, wrote in an essay that there is nothing wrong with being ignorant of economics, given the science’s specialised and often complex nature. However, Rothbard noted, “it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” 

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Tuesday, June 6 ROUNDTABLE – Prof Sadulla Karjiker, Patrick Kilbride , Prof Kelly Chibale and Jetane Charsley  – South Africa's journey to a knowledge economy - progress and challenges @ 07h30 @  Sandton Sun Hotel, cnr Fifth & Alice, SandtonRSVP

Wednesday, June 21 MEDIA BRIEFING  – Radical Economic Transformation @ 11h30 @  FMF – more info to follow   

Wednesday, June 28 EVENING TALK – Dawie Roodt @ 17h30 @  FMF – more info to follow

You can watch every event LIVE via the FMF’s Facebook page by clicking this link:

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Business Day column Far-reaching failures now in urgent need of radical change – Leon Louw, 24 May 2017
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Yes – introduce radical economic transformation in labour policy and help 9 million unemployed
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Media digest APRIL 2017 for all media coverage

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Rex van Schalkwyk – From ridicule to prison: Nowhere to hide from the Hate Speech Bill

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