FMF Newsletter - 7 September 2022

7 September 2022


What is wrong with dumping?

Dumping is described as international price discrimination, wherein a product is cheaper in the importing market than it is in the market that is exporting said product. This practice is frowned upon, as exemplified by calls to curb dumping through measures like tariffs or outright bans on certain imports. One asks themselves, when did cheap prices become a bad thing?
Dumping as an example would be Brazil or the EU (European Union), exporting to South Africa, chickens that are cheaper than locally produced ones. This is an issue that has been problematic to local commercial chicken farmers, as shown in this
 statement released by an organization representing the South African poultry industry.

 Zakhele Mthembu

Thursday | 8 September | 10h00 - 11h30
Worldwide launch: Economic Freedom of the World: 2022 Annual Report
Where does SA rank in 2022 and why does it matter?
In 2000 South Africa ranked 47 in the Economic Freedom of the World annual report; by 2019 it had plummeted to 93; where does it rank in 2022? Is there good news? Join us to find out…

This e-Briefing will be virtual via ZOOM - please register via the ZOOM link. You will be able to pose questions in the chat room.
OR you can watch the briefing live or later on the FMF’s
YouTube channel.

Each speaker will speak for around ten minutes, followed by a joint Q&A session.
Neil Emerick – overview of EFW index (how it works, what it measures, SA’s 2022 score)
Neil is a director and co-founder of local company NightsBridge and an associate of the Free Market Foundation. He has written many published articles for the FMF including the monograph “The Real Digital Divide”. He was a contributor to the 2003 Economic Freedom of the World report and produced a software version of the report for the next seventeen years.
Phumlani Majozi – size of government
Phumlani is a business and macroeconomics analyst, writer and commentator on economic and political issues. His writings have been published in the City Press, BizNews, African Liberty and Politicsweb. He’s also a contributor on News24, South Africa’s leading news website. He sits on the board of two organizations: South African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA) and Organization Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA). He’s also a member of the Council of the South African Institute of Race Relations.
Rex van Schalkwyk – legal system
Rex is a former judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa and is the chairman of the Free Market Foundation’s Rule of Law Board of Advisers. Rex is the author of three books. The first is a novel. The second, One miracle is not enough, (1998), deals with the failures then already evident in the South African democracy. The third, Panic for democracy, (2009), deals with the equivalent failures evident for many years in the democracy of the United States.
Brian Kantor – access to sound money
Brian is an economist and is the former Chief Investment Strategist of Investec Wealth & Investment SA. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cape Town, where he was the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Head of the School of Economics. He is the previous non-executive chairman of Acucap Properties and the founding chairman of the V&A Waterfront. Brian holds a B.Com and a B.A. (Hons), both from UCT.
John Dludlu – regulation of credit, labour, and business
John, a former Sowetan editor, is currently CEO of the Small Business Institute.  His varied career includes positions at Business Day and spans more than 20 years in teaching, journalism and corporate and public affairs. He is a masters graduate of Rhodes University.

FMF co-publishes research review: Economic Freedom in the Literature: What Is It Good (Bad) For?

The research review, authored by Bob Lawson, “examines 721 studies on economic freedom in top-rated academic journals and finds the majority of independent research shows economic freedom produces positive outcomes for people, including increased prosperity, faster economic growth, lower unemployment, and reduced internal and external conflict”.

The media release can be read HERE; the research review can be read HERE.

SA’s competition legislation in the spotlight – Zakhele Mthembu

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