FMF Newsletter - 8 December 2021

8 December 2021

Why ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ won’t work for South Africa  Tumisho Ramodisa

A ‘new’ economic school of thought has emerged and gained mass popularity over the recent years. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), seeks to challenge the mainstream consensus across the economic spectrum. What exactly is MMT and could it work to address South Africa’s economic woes?

For starters, MMT recognises that the South African government is the sole issuer of the Rand, and consequently has a monopoly on the domestic currency. This statement is consistent for most countries, especially in the developed world.


Implementing and maintaining a healthy applications-pipeline is critical to the success and sustainability of Khaya Lam. In the past we have “advertised” that tenants can apply for a title deed via radio, knock-n-drop, community meetings and word-of-mouth. We have just begun experimenting with a posters-supported-by-SMS-campaign in Moqhaka (Kroonstad) which can be replicated elsewhere if successful. Councillors have erected 50 posters supplied by Khaya Lam. If residents SMS “YES” to the shortcode advertised, they receive the message below. In the first week, 75 residents expressed an interest in becoming homeowners.

If you are the legal site owner, you may apply for a FREE TITLE DEED at YOUR council (Maokeng | Rammolutsi | Matlwangtlwang) - 08:45 – 13:00 or 14:00 – 16:30
IDs (husband, wife, children) | Marriage certificate 
If divorced: Decree of divorce | If site owner passed on: Letter of authority

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