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Temba A Nolutshungu, FMF Director, accepting award

On 4 November 2017, in the Artscape Opera House in Cape Town, the Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre, in partnership with the Distell Development Trust, announced that a Panel of Judges had selected the FMF’s Khaya Lam (My Home) Land Reform Project as a PLATINUM Award Winner 2017! The Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre, for 17 years, has promoted initiatives in civil society that improve the quality of life of the poor in exceptional ways. Awards are made on rigorous evaluations, uncovering what is good and what works in South Africa. More than 500 people attended the event including FMF representatives Temba A Nolutshungu, and Perry and Veronica Feldman.
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In this week’s feature article, Temba Nolutshungu explains why high economic growth will improve the lives of all South Africans. He warns against the destructive nature of Thomas Piketty’s proposed punitive tax and redistribution measures. These proposals ignore the fact that human beings are different and need to be free to use their different talents and abilities. Some are risk-takers who either benefit from the risks they take or pay the price of their failures, while others opt for less risk and lower incomes. All should be free to follow the options they prefer. In South Africa, a whole plethora of policies should be abrogated because they negate the economic freedoms of individuals and thus detrimentally impact the socioeconomic welfare of the country.

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The higher the growth, the better human wellbeing – TEMBA NOLUTSHUNGU

That better human wellbeing is the outcome of higher economic growth is illustrated by the findings published in The Economic Freedom of the World report. The report ranks countries according to measurement of their level of economic freedom. South Africa currently features at position 95 out of 159 countries (Economic Freedom of the World: 2017 Annual Report). After being placed 46th in 2000, South Africa’s measure of economic freedom has gone into a sorry decline, hitting 70th in 2005 and 82nd in 2010.

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ANC Conference must adopt real radical economic transformation – not more of the same paternal statism



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