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This week’s feature article, by Chris Hattingh, looks at renewed calls for inequality in South Africa to be resolved. When a charge of theft or fraud is made, as is implied by the inequality critics, they have the burden of proof to substantiate their case. Before we become outraged at every instance of inequality, we need to assess its source. As the economy grows, and there are more opportunities for employment, inequality will increase – let us address the concept before we repeat the same fallacies again and again.

FEATURE article  

The inequality bells are ringing again – CHRIS HATTINGH

In an article for the Daily Maverick (26 July 2017) Professor Ben Turok calls for more information regarding the wealthy in South Africa. We are all quite aware of the repeated calls of experts, analysts, and academics for inequality to be addressed, that it is the most pressing issue of our time. I agree. It does need to be resolved. It needs to be resolved because experts and respected figures such as Thomas Piketty, Christine Lagarde and Professor Turok repeatedly hammer the message that inequality is caused by one group forcibly taking from others. With this narrative being drilled into us, it should come as no surprise when social tensions rise and violence occurs.

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