FMF NEWSLETTER 9 January 2019


FMF NEWSLETTER 9 January 2019   

Any donation businesses and individuals make to the Foundation by 31 January 2019 will have 50% added by a generous sponsor.

The 2018 - 2019 FMF R1Million Challenge has raised a total of R591,213 to date. Thank you to all our friends who have already donated. If you have not yet donated please help us reach our target of R1 Million!

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The FMF is a registered public benefit organisation, so any donation from individuals or corporate bodies qualify for a tax deduction up to 10% of your taxable income.

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ARTICLE of the week  

Right to compensation central to protecting human rights MARTIN VAN STADEN

Government’s push to water down the constitutional protection for property rights in South Africa by amending the Constitution should shock everyone of whatever race or socio-economic background. Every South African who owns property will be in jeopardy if the vital check of compensation is repealed. Property rights are about far more than just farms or the so-called ‘land’. They are vital for the protection of human rights in general.

All basic human rights – freedom of speech, association, privacy, etc. – are fundamentally property rights. “[H]uman rights, when not put in terms of property rights, turn out to be vague and contradictory”, wrote the political philosopher Murray Rothbard. Every existing right, or the exercise thereof, depends upon secure private property rights.


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FMF in the media  

Jasson Urbach among Business Day’s Top Ten list of most read columns of 2018
FMF Director, Jasson Urbach, was listed among the top ten of most read columns of 2018 for his column, Government’s NHI plan is based on squeezing out private healthcare published on 14 April 2018. In the column the author said, “The numbers simply do not add up, and pressing ahead will leave everyone – rich poor and in between – worse off”.

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