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In this week’s feature article, Gary Moore explains why an amendment to the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation would be a fundamental violation of the Rule of Law. Moore explains how the Constitution already allows for expropriation. In 2017, the High Level Panel reported that government had failed to effectively use the powers available to it in the Constitution and that an amendment is not necessary to speed up land reform. Expropriation without compensation for land reform purposes would impair the Rule of Law by limiting people’s fundamental rights to property and equality as well as their protection against unfair discrimination. It would also violate SA’s obligations under international law.

FEATURE article  

Expropriation without compensation would affect the rule of law  – GARY MOORE

The Expropriation Act authorises government expropriation of private property for market-value compensation. 

The Constitution states that compensation for expropriation must reflect “equitable balance” between the public interest and interests of those affected, having regard to “all relevant circumstances” including the property’s current use, the history of its acquisition and use, market value, any state investment or subsidy in the acquisition or capital improvement of the property, and the expropriation’s purpose.



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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 MEDIA BRIEFING – Terence Corrigan (IRR) and Temba Nolutshungu (FMF) – Expropriation Without  Compensation @ FMF – more info to follow

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