FMF Newsletter - ‘Cut Cabinet, shelve NHI’ – Treasury budget cuts are an opportunity, not a crisis

15 September 2023

‘Cut Cabinet, shelve NHI’ – Treasury budget cuts are an opportunity, not a crisis

The FMF welcomes the National Treasury's budget cuts as a positive step towards fiscal responsibility. However, Cabinet is bloated and in need of trimming.

As such, the FMF advises government to cut its 30-member Cabinet down to 10 departments while at the same time decentralising functions to municipalities.

‘While the unions and many activists may try to label budget cuts as “unconstitutional”, the truth is that South Africa would have a far more effective government if organs of state were solely dedicated to fulfilling constitutional obligations, ~ FMF Head of Policy, Martin van Staden.


Unmasking SA’s supposed ‘non-alignment’ and neutrality

Nicholas Woode-Smith argues that the ANC's claim to neutrality is a facade. He points to South Africa's membership in BRICS, joint military exercises with Russia, and a poor voting record at the UN as evidence of the ANC's commitment to socialism. Read his arguments here.


Powering progress: The urgent need to reform South Africa’s electricity sector

FMF Director Eustace Davie writes that the solution to end load shedding and increase electricity supply is an alternative to Eskom, an independently owned transmission grid as well as independent power producers. Read here.


Markets as Social Constructs: The Myths We Live By

FMF author James Peron writes that markets promote peace and mutually beneficial exchanges. He argues that policies should respect individual dignity and autonomy, never losing sight of humans in society and markets. Read his thoughts here.

18 September 2023
Gail Day Unsung Heroes Award ceremony in Cape Town

Join the FMF as we award this year's Gail Day Unsung Heroes Award at a special event taking place in Cape Town.

19 September 2023
EFW Global Launch Webinar

Dial into the launch of this years' EFW report. Learn if South Africa has improved it's economic freedom ranking, what economic freedom looks like in a global context, and more.  


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