FMF Newsletter - Is NHI a cure worse than the disease?

3 May 2023


NHI: a cure WORSE than the disease?​

Mike Settas, Chair of the Free Market Foundation's Health Policy Unit, explains the ideological motivations behind the proposed National Health Insurance policy at our recent evening event.

EVENT RECAP - How to stop NHI

Top: Zakhele Mthembu (Legal Researcher at The FMF) and FMF CE David Ansara.
Bottom Left: Mike Settas addressing the audience.
Bottom Middle: Event guests
Bottom Right: Front row and some of the members of the audience.

Our April speaker event ‘How to Stop National Health Insurance’ was presented by Mike Settas on Monday, 24 April, which was well attended by members and friends of the FMF.


David Ansara recently represented The FMF in a TV show discussion on eNCA. The topic of the discussion was South Africa's progress 29 years after the transition to democracy.


Failed foreign policy threatens
South Africa's prosperity

Nicholas Woode-Smith unpacks why foreign policy is putting SA's prosperity at risk.Read the article here.

An idiot's guide to wrecking the economy

FMF Director Temba A Nolutshungu takes us on a journey through the methods that governments employ to intentionally cripple their economies. Temba reveals how the current South African leadership seems to be ticking all the boxes on this list of destructive tactics. Read the article here.

Are unemployed South Africans the victims of unfair labour laws?

If jobseekers had the right to enter voluntary contracts at wages and on conditions suitable to both parties, SA wouldn't have mass unemployment. Read the article here.

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