FMF Newsletter - SA cannot afford NHI - end of story!

31 May 2023


SA cannot afford NHI - end of story!

Despite facing opposition and increasing apprehension regarding certain provisions, the Health Portfolio Committee has chosen to approve and move ahead with the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI). Mike Settas argues that South Africa simply cannot afford it.


SA officials demand more powers, subverting principles of good law

FMF Director Eustace Davie writes about the government's lack of adherence to constitutional provisions and the need for oversight to prevent arbitrary government powers. Read here.

A short history on health policy: From beetroot to silver bullets

How did South Africa get to introducing and now passing a National Health Insurance bill that it can't afford? Mike Settas unpacks the history of NHI in SA. Read here.

Basic income is just one more grant

Nicholas Woode Smith argues that basic income aims to address poverty but overlooks the need for long-term solutions such as employment and functional market institutions. Read here.

MAY EVENT RECAP - What South Africans think

Frans Cronje addressing the audience.

Left to right: David Ansara, Chris Hattingh, Alison Clarke, and Mike Settas.

Sherwin van Blerk from the CRA and Lane Malgas from the IRR.

A near-full house of event attendees.


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