FMF Newsletter - The court must uphold EQUALITY before the law

6 September 2023

FMF urges the court to uphold equality before the law during AfriForum v Julius Malema hate speech appeal

On 4 September 2023, FMF CEO David Ansara and Head of Policy Martin van Staden represented the Rule of Law Project at the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) during AfriForum's appeal against the ruling by the Equality Court in favour of Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Counsel for the FMF Rule of Law Project, Advocate Mark Oppenheimer, made oral submissions to the court, bringing attention to the double standards applied to powerful politicans and ordinary South Africans.

From L to R: David Ansara and Martin van Staden outside the court.

FMF representatives were interviewed by various journalists and news outlets. Our involvment in the case has been noted and is being publicised by the SABCIOL, Die Burger, RSG, and other reputable media houses in South Africa.


From L to R: David Ansara and Advocate Mark Oppenheimer outside the court.


The Rule of Law Project intervened as a friend of the court (amicus curia), hoping to provide the bench with additional arguments that will guide it toward an appropriate judgment.


Martin van Staden being interviewed by Pretoria FM.


David Ansara spoke with SABC news outside the Supreme Court about the Rule of Law Project's involvment in the hate speech in Bloemfontein. See the clip below. 


A poverty-creating cocktail

FMF author Nicholas Woode-Smith believes that there is an easy solution to end unemployement in SA: deregulation. Read his argument here.


State’s heavy-handed approach invalidates consumer choice

FMF Legal Researcher Zakhele Mthembu argues that ICASA banning the sales of Starlink satellites is but the latest example of the overbearing nature of the SA state. Read here.


Time get serious about creating creating black wealth

FMF author Mpiyakhe Dhlamini writes that townships and informal settlements have the potential to become the economic engines of their cities and towns. Read the legislative chnages He envisions to make this a reality here.

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