How should the US reform health care?

Should the United States have a government-run health care system similar to the ones in Canada and Great Britain? No, says Devon Herrick, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis.

"I am in favour of everyone having access to health care," Herrick told an audience at Susquehanna University last night. "I am opposed to the current view on how they plan to achieve universal health care."

Access to health care is problematic, explained Herrick. The quality is inconsistent and the cost is high:

  • Last year, Americans spent $2.3 trillion on health care costs.
  • The reason is because of increased longevity, the overuse of third-party payment, low cost control and less out-of-pocket payments.

    President Obama's proposal for mandated health insurance will not be achieved for several reasons, says Herrick:
  • Mandated insurance is difficult to enforce and will drive up the cost of coverage and encourage special-interest groups while reducing consumer choice.
  • Mandated acceptance by health insurance providers would encourage Americans to wait to obtain insurance until it is needed, and mandated benefits would increase the cost for each person, even though the person may not need specific coverage.

    Source: Tricia Pursell Speakers debate need for health-care reform, The Daily Item, March 27, 2009.

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    FMF Policy Bulletin/ 31 March 2009
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