How to destroy jobs

How to destroy jobs? Ensure that workers and companies are taxed as much as possible to reduce incentives to work and produce

How to destroy jobs? Introduce price controls – this limits profits and the incentive to grow businesses and employ more people

How to destroy jobs? Impose high criteria for job entrants which prevent the youth and people without skills entering the job market

How to destroy jobs? Make it difficult for companies to fire people – this will make them reluctant to employ people in the first place

How to destroy jobs? Pile on the red tape to keep productive organisations too busy to produce wealth and jobs

How to destroy jobs? Change the rules of the game regularly so that businesses and entrepreneurs have less time to grow their businesses

How to destroy jobs? Establish a bloated public service that draws people from the productive sector and harms the economy

How to destroy jobs? Prevent the private sector from competing with state-owned enterprises by banning entry into the market

How to destroy jobs? Tax is the best way to destroy jobs – the more one taxes something the less one has of it

How to destroy jobs? Make government bigger so there are more people living off the productive sector; this will kill the economy

How to destroy jobs? Introduce minimum wages to decrease the demand for labour

How to destroy jobs? Punish people for employing people by making it difficult to fire people that do not perform well

How to destroy jobs? Create unemployment through regulation – under apartheid job reservation; post-1994 B-BBEE

How to destroy jobs? Encourage cronyism and introduce cadre deployment rather than emplying the best person to grow a company and the economy

How to destroy jobs? Lower education standards so that school leavers cannot offer real value to potential employers

Jobs result from economic growth; don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg: Free Market Capitalism

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