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Dear Friend of the FMF,

The tax year closes on 28 February and for any donation you make to the FMF on or before that date you will receive a Section 18(a) tax receipt that will allow you to deduct the full amount of your donation (up to 10% of your taxable income) in your tax return.

No donation is too small – whatever you donate will qualify as a deduction

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Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

The Free Market is the only way to ensure that the rule of law prevails in South Africa

The rule of law is a founding provision of the SA Constitution. The FMF is in the process of establishing a board of eminent legal experts to, on your behalf, ensure that all legislation adopted by Parliament is consistent with the rule of law and constitutional. Strictly applying the rule of law will end the unlimited discretionary powers currently being used by politicians and government to take decisions that are devastating the economy.

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The Free Market is the only way to solve the energy crisis in South Africa

The barriers to entry into the electricity market must be removed that are preventing private energy suppliers from entering the market to supply the desperately needed electricity that is required to power the economy and homes. If people who already generate electricity could sell it to whoever wants to buy it, such as their next-door neighbours, they could contribute substantially to a reduction in the electricity deficit.

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The Free Market is the only way to end the suffering of South Africa’s 8.2 million unemployed people by getting them back to work

Our #justletmework campaign is based on the fundamental principle that all adults, especially young adults, should have the right to make their own decisions about what work they do, the wages they are willing to accept and their conditions of employment.

The FMF’s constitutional court challenge is against the compulsory extension of bargaining council agreements to non-participating small businesses and their employees – a policy which along with minimum wage laws and other provisions of South Africa’s draconian labour legislation has caused mass unemployment and the closure of many small businesses.

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The Free Market is the only way to achieve non-destructive land reform in South Africa

The FMF’s Khaya Lam Land Reform Projectis a unique property titling project that aims to restore the formal property rights of millions of South Africans who have been living in council owned properties built by or expropriated by the apartheid state.

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The Free Market is the only way to attain the economic growth rate necessary to ensure prosperity for all

Free Markets = Economic Freedom = Economic Growth

The annual Economic Freedom of The World report conclusively shows that countries with the most economic freedom have growth rates that consistently outperform countries that do not follow free market policies. The FMF constantly puts forward policy recommendations based on the principles of economic freedom.

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The Free Market is the only way to provide the highest quality healthcare for the greatest number of people in South Africa

The FMF’s Health Policy Unit argues that the private health sector in South Africa should be allowed to grow as rapidly as possible without government restrictions or “certificates of need”, whilst the government focuses on providing quality healthcare to low income and destitute people.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Together we can work for a dynamic, prosperous and peaceful free market South Africa.




Leon Louw

Executive Director




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