Donate and receive a tax deduction

Donate to the Free Market Foundation and deduct some of it from your taxes. The FMF is a Section 18A approved Public Benefit Organisation and your donations, private and corporate, are tax-deductible up to 10% of your taxable income. We will send you a tax receipt that entitles you to a deduction in your tax return.

Make a difference

If you are worried about the course of events in South Africa, make a difference by supporting the FMF. You can have an influence, a big influence, if you join the FMFs 200Club and persuade your friends and relatives to join. Make a tax-deductible donation today and help us to promote individual and economic freedom to the people of South Africa. R200 (hence the R200Club) is the minimum donation/subscription to become a full voting member of the FMF (in the Bronze category), increasing in multiples to Platinum at R200 per month and Titanium at R1 000 per month. To join and donate go to

If you work for one of the great companies that support us, please consider becoming an individual member in your own right. If you are a CEO or other senior executive, consider setting an example for your staff by joining and advertising your membership.  

Rather make a straight donation?

If you don’t want to join the 200Club right now but want to make a tax-deductible donation, use one of the payment methods described below.

How to make a payment

  1. Electronic transfer or bank deposit: Bank account name – Free Market Foundation; Standard Bank, Sandton; Account No 421066946; Branch Code 019205
  2. Credit Cards: Master Card, Visa and American Express
  3. Debit Orders: If you would like to donate by debit order please email Terence Davie at

(Don’t forget to send your name, email address and details of payment to us at so we can acknowledge receipt)

The voice of the many

Labour unions have a powerful voice because employers are forced to deduct union dues from the wages of their employees and pay them over to the unions. Dues of R10 per month each from 3.5 million union members converts to R420 million per annum in union coffers and buys a lot of voice. We won’t be able to match the unions but 10,000 active and vocal FMF members would have a considerable influence.

Join a peaceful freedom association

Ours is a voluntary association, we provide information on sound economics and principles of good law combined with the power of modern media to reach a wide audience. The 200Club is designed to combine the good will, influence and financial contributions of donors to promote policies that will improve the lives of everyone in the country. The most important difference between 200Club and union members is that your support is entirely voluntary.

Our biggest tasks

We are currently providing workable solutions to government through our comments on the NDP and otherwise on: Electricity System Restructuring(to avoid future blackouts, electricity shortages, and harm to the economy); Labour Law Reform for poverty reduction(to allow the 7.6 million unemployed to find jobs); Land Reform for poverty reduction (to give freehold title at no cost to every legal occupant of a state-owned house – potentially 10 million houses worth at least R1 trillion). But most of all to promote Economic and Individual Freedom (the best way to rapidly achieve peace, prosperity, high economic growth, reduce unemployment and poverty, and improve the lives of all South Africans)


We are a frugal and careful organisation

We are a frugal and careful organisation. We have a small but incredibly dedicated staff who work miracles with limited means. We are transparent about our funding and finances. Our financial records are audited annually and we have had 37 years of clean audits. Management accounts are presented monthly to our Executive Committee, which maintains oversight over the Foundation’s finances.  

Support the FMF today

If you would like more information before joining the FMF please email Terence Davie at



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