Media release: FMF AGM: A productive 2022, and a 2023 full of opportunities, for free market advocacy

The Free Market Foundation (FMF) held its annual general meeting (AGM) for 2022 on 17 November in Bryanston, where 2021/22 Board chair Rex van Schalkwyk and incoming chief executive David Ansara reported on progress over the preceding year and provided the roadmap for the future.

The members of the FMF elected Gail Daus-van Wyk, Eustace Davie, Chris Hattingh, Wilhelm Hertzog, Unathi Kwaza, Terry Markman, Temba A Nolutshungu, Dawie Roodt, Rex van Schalkwyk and Martin van Staden, to the Board for the 2022/23 year. Ansara, who will join the FMF as its Chief Executive in January 2023, was also elected to the Board.

Van Schalkwyk reported on the work of the FMF during 2022.

This included an amicus brief by the FMF Rule of Law Project that convinced the Constitutional Court of the unlawfulness of BBBEE pre-qualification criteria, and the FMF’s small business initiative that resulted in the publication of the book Radical Economic Transformation: The Legal Route to Economic Freedom. The book includes eight booklets titled Laws Affecting Small Business, which analyses eight areas of regulation where the law stands in the way of growth and free enterprise, and recommends legal reform. 

Said Van Schalkwyk, “That was a tumultuous year. Thanks to the resolve of the Board, the Executive Committee, and the staff, we have emerged stronger and ever more resolute to overcome the minor challenges that may still befall.”

Ansara embraced the challenge of leading the FMF into the future and repairing the damage done by recent internal conflict. “Will South Africa be worse off without the FMF?” Ansara asked. “Yes, far worse off.” 

“I intend to implement some big changes to the FMF's internal management and governance systems, to seek new sources of funding, and to restore the public image of the organisation. I will also have to grow the team, although I intend to do so slowly at first,” said Ansara.

The FMF is and will remain non-partisan, explained Ansara, but to be an effective advocate of free enterprise and individual freedom might often entail public, political engagement.

Said Ansara, “The FMF is a combatant in the battle of ideas. It should not shy away from defending and advancing its cherished values and ideals.” 

Van Schalkwyk welcomed Ansara to the FMF, saying “We are delighted to have him join us, not only for his deserved public profile, but also, and particularly, for his commitment to the classical liberal principles of John Locke. His disposition will fit perfectly with the ethos that we encourage at the FMF.”


Rex van Schalkwyk

David Ansara

Rex van Schalkwyk video presentation 
David Ansara video presentation

David Anara – incoming Chief Executive – speaking at the FMF’s 17 November 2022 AGM 
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