Media release: FMF challenges the DTI to name one legal liquor outlet under the draft liquor bill

Did you know that the draft Liquor Amendment Bill, which gives teeth to the DTI’s National Liquor Policy, might outlaw all liquor outlets?

The DTI’s draft Liquor Amendment Bill, open for comment until October 29, states that “The manufacturing, distribution or retail sale of liquor in either rural or urban community is prohibited on any location that is less than five hundred (500) metres away from schools, places of worship, recreational facilities, rehabilitation or treatment centres, residential areas, public institutions and other like amenities.”

The proposed law adds that no liquor licences will be issued to “premises attached to petrol service stations”, “premises near public transport facilities”, and “areas not classified for purposes of trading in liquor”.

Does anyone know of premises classified for purposes of trading in liquor, and not disqualified by the exclusions? We bet you don’t.

The bill in effect bans liquor in most, if not all, shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. It precludes liquor in or near airports, bus stops, taxi ranks, train stations and ports. It bans liquor at country clubs and sports clubs.

Leon Louw, Free Market Foundation executive director asks (and answers): “How about Sun City? No, there are staff residences. Cape Town’s Waterfront? No, it has a harbour. Resorts? No, they are near road transport facilities. Famous wine routes? No, they are served by tourism transport facilities, and have recreational areas, staff residences and nearby bus stops.”

Consider yourself blessed in the unlikely event that you know somewhere where it will be lawful to produce, store, distribute or sell liquor.

The FMF challenge with a BIG, BIG prize
: Name one legal liquor outlet under the draft bill – email your answer to

About that BIG, BIG prize
: We were planning to give away a crate of beer to anyone who names a legal liquor outlet, but we’re concerned that that too may be illegal … so in this case, it’s the thought that counts so please send your ideas and we will send the first winner a packet of wine gums!

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