Media release: Mashaba, Zille, FMF, Orania, and other fiction

Mashaba, Zille, FMF, Orania and other fiction

The most interesting thing about Helen Zille’s allegation that Herman Mashaba was Free Market Foundation (FMF) President when the FMF held a Libertarian Seminar in Orania under his watch, is that none of it is true.

Mashaba was never FMF President, the FMF has never held a Libertarian Seminar (LibSem), and the FMF has never held an event in Orania.

We could leave it there, but for relevant elaboration.

LibSems have been held annually for 40 years, often in obscure places. Since Zille agreed to speak at LibSem four days ago, she should not castigate Mashaba for a LibSem association, even if he had one.

Although Mashaba was never FMF President – Dr Sam Motsuenyane has been for many years – he was Chairman from 15 May 2012 to 17 June 2014, ie before the Orania LibSem in 2015.

The FMF has always been, and remains, (a) politically agnostic and (b) willing to inform members of events that might interest them.

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