Media release: Sihle Ngobese is a most worthy recipient of the 2022 Free Market Foundation Award

16 February 2022

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Sihle Ngobese is a most worthy recipient of the
2022 Free Market Foundation Award

Martin van Staden, Free Market Foundation executive committee member: ‘His is a voice, a persona and a service that’s brave, necessary and truly unique.’
Sihle Ngobese (known to thousands as Big Daddy Liberty) is the recipient of the 2022 Free Market Foundation Award. He received the award for the contribution he has made, and continues to make, to furthering freedom in South Africa. He was honoured at an event in Bryanston this evening (February 16, 2022).
Ngobese is a worthy recipient of the Free Market Foundation Award, says Free Market Foundation executive committee member Martin van Staden. “The Foundation is proud to honour him for his frank, honest and far-reaching voice that advocates for the principles and practice of liberty and libertarian values in South Africa.”
He is a charismatic, straight-talking and outspoken champion of individual freedoms and has created a number of platforms where he engages and speaks frankly to thousands about the insidious threats to personal freedoms that abound and that grow.
He hosts multimedia shows; produces and presents content; and engages on social media platforms with the singular objective of making liberty practical and real for all South Africans. His message, and its delivery, is down to earth, warm and accessible, but always sharply observant, relevant and profound.
“He speaks the language of freedom, and lives it, too. It’s something he’s been doing since he was a student. His engagement is about topics and issues that impact everyday people: property rights and the rule of law, for example,” says Van Staden.
“His thoughts and opinions on matters such as these are seldom his alone. He engages with people on the ground, getting out there and talking to the public about how individuals experience their rights in an apparently free society. It’s a voice, a persona and a service that’s brave, necessary and truly unique.
“Big Daddy Liberty is one of a growing new breed of liberals who do not mince words, calling violations of freedom exactly what they are. He takes the liberty battle-of-ideas to the streets. He is a most worthy recipient of our Free Market Foundation Award.”
Ngobese received the award at a Free Market Foundation event in Bryanston, Johannesburg, on Wednesday evening, 16 February 2022. The event was broadcast live on YouTube. It can be viewed here:
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