Media Room: Expropriation Without Compensation

Expropriation without compensation is unheard of in the open and democratic societies of the world. No society that has attempted expropriation without compensation has emerged from such an initiative with a prosperous economy – instead, ruin and poverty always resulted. Zimbabwe is already in the early stages of walking back its own experiment with no-compensation expropriation, and we must expect something similar to happen once the criminal regime of Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela comes to an end.

South Africa’s government is attempting to introduce expropriation without compensation in South Africa by amending section 25 of the Constitution to allow itself to expropriate private property without paying for it. The amendment to the Constitution itself is still being finalised by government, but the technical details for its implementation have already been published in the form of the Expropriation Bill. South Africans have until 28 February to comment on this disastrous piece of legislation. See the FMF’s submission on the constitutional amendment [here].

Register your opposition to this bill by sending a short submission to government. More information [here].

EWC conference

Report on EWC conference

Media releases

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Mpiyakhe Dhlamini, Chris Hattingh & Martin van Staden
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Less freedom, lower growth: what we should learn from international indices

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Lessons from Venezuela: Implosion started with land grabs

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The latest Economic Freedom Report shows a worrying decline of Property Rights in SA 
Without strong property rights, an African free trade area is meaningless

Chris Hattingh

EWC tramples the sacrifices made by those who fought against colonialism and apartheid
Strong property rights are vital for economic growth
No investment without property rights
Low business confidence to be expected
Stop government from taking your property
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South Africa considers legislation that would allow the state to seize any citizen’s property
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Expropriation Without Compensation a death knell for SA’s economic prospects

Jacques Jonker

Expropriation Without Compensation will kill SA’s investment potential

Gary Moore

Expropriation Without Compensation would affect the rule of law

Zakhele Mthembu

Bantustan Act threatens hard-won property rights for rural dwellers
African norms are not compatible with Expropriation Without Compensation
In South Africa, property rights should vest in individuals

Temba A Nolutshungu

A tale of two eras: Mandela/Mbeki vs Zuma/Ramaphosa administrations

Mark Oppenheimer

Six myths about the land question that must be exposed 
The state wants to take your house and pay you nothing

Mark Oppenheimer & Cecelia Kok

EWC is an assault on the constitutional right to dignity

Tom Palmer

SA must look at the many horrific results of land Expropriation Without Compensation

James Peron

The land fetish
Zimbabwe land lessons for SA
Expropriation Without Compensation will not help its intended beneficiaries
Expropriation Without Compensation sends a clear message

Riaan Salie

EWC is a zero-sum game that will lead to more poverty and misery
Land Expropriation Without Compensation is an illusion that cannot lead to a better life

Mugabi John Socrates

SA can learn from Uganda’s dire history of Expropriation Without Compensation

Martin van Staden

More time required to comment on Expropriation Without Compensation amendment
How to provide responsibly for Expropriation Without Compensation
Expropriation Without Compensation is a contradiction in terms
‘Never again’ until next time
Gauteng government is undermining Constitutional democracy
Expropriation: Anti-white in rhetoric, anti-black in practice
Land reform: The free market way
Amending the Constitution on shaky grounds will cause illegitimacy
It would be deplorable to rush the expropriation amendment
Right to compensation central to protecting human rights
Ideologie bedreig ons grondwetlike legitimiteit
Expropriation amendment harkens back to apartheid legal thinking
Land expropriation in SA: A warning ignored, a society crumbling
Land Expropriation Without Compensation: Lessons from Venezuela paint dire future
The worrying escalation of land Expropriation Without Compensation
The unreasonableness of Expropriation Without Compensation

Robert Vivian

Expropriation of property without compensation – 75 per cent required to change the constitution
Amending the Constitution and Expropriation Without Compensation

Devon Windvogel

Expropriation Without Compensation is anti-poor and anti-transformation


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Transforming the urban landscape through FMF’s Khaya Lam Project – Temba A. Nolutshungu
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