MEDIA ROOM – government spectrum policy is harming consumers

On Tuesday 13 April 2021, the Free Market Foundation launched a Socio Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) of ICT and spectrum policy, and its impact on consumers. The findings are not good. “Regulatory failure and outmoded ideology have deprived South African consumers of better mobile coverage and lower prices. That is the key message of this study,” said FMF President Leon Louw.
FMF and its Rule of Law Project have both made submissions to ICASA on emergency spectrum, and FMF on the MDSE Draft Regulations.

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Media Release: FMF launches Socio Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA); government ICT policy is harming consumers

Media Briefing Paper: Socio Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) on spectrum

Socio Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) on spectrum

VIDEO of SEIA launch: FMF Media Briefing: Government ICT policy is harming the consumer

SLIDES from SEIA launch

Submission to ICASA on temporary spectrum - FREE MARKET FOUNDATION

Media release: Temporary Covid emergency spectrum should stay where it is

Submission to ICASA on its contemplated review of emergency spectrum - FMF's RULE OF LAW PROJECT

Media release: Icasa’s intention for Covid emergency spectrum to be returned is ultra vires

Submission to ICASA on the Draft Mobile Broadband Services Regulations FREE MARKET FOUNDATION

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