Modi could teach SA how to tame Leviathan - Leon Louw

INDIA’s elections last week could rescue SA from economic misery if President Jacob Zuma invites new Prime Minister Narendra Modi to SA to tell us how to turn our country, like Indian state Gujarat, into one of the world’s most prosperous places. If he manages to implement Modinomics nationwide, he will be a global game changer.

But Zuma will have to wait. US President Barack Obama beat him to it. As soon as India set a new world record for the number of people voting for a single party, Obama conveniently forgot Modi’s alleged role in unspeakable anti-Muslim violence and his ensuing ban from the US, and called to congratulate him and invite him to Washington to "strengthen" ties.

Zuma could learn from Modi about the power of liberated markets.

Modi might say: "Tear down these regulatory walls, Mr Zuma." Under him, and his reinvented Bharatiya Janata Party, Gujarat enjoyed spectacular prosperity, while most Indian states, like SA, endured tumbling economic growth, endemic corruption, failing government and rising unemployment caused by increasing government intervention.

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