My appeal for your support

Dear fellow South Africans

As Chairman of the Free Market Foundation (FMF) and concerned South African I send this personal appeal to you to support our work in trying to improve conditions for all South Africans. 

Your opportunity to be an active citizen - make a tax-deductible donation 
I am writing to you to ask for your support. We rely on donations from the public to do our work and being a Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation your corporate or individual donation to the FMF is tax-deductible up to 10% of your taxable income. I can personally vouch that your money will be put to work in your interests and that of all South Africans.

Why I threw my weight behind the FMF
I threw my weight behind the FMF because it is a great organisation with dedicated staff who do excellent work. It promotes precisely the policies we need to make this country great: sound economic policies and sensible laws that will lead to growth, jobs, prosperity and justice for all.

Free enterprise, a constitutional democracy and the rule of law
All we need for the young people of this country to have a great future is for us to have the right rules in place. A dispensation based on free enterprise and governed by the Constitution and the rule of law was promised in 1994 but as we all know too many things are going wrong. Enterprise is being smothered by obstructive laws and regulations and the Constitution and rule of law are being flouted by people who should be upholding them. Our task in the FMF is to propose better ways of doing things and even turn to the courts for relief as we are doing in our Labour Law Challenge to aspects that are causing unemployment and destroying small businesses.

Property titling, removing electricity constraints, defending private health care
Apart from our efforts to assist the unemployed, we are working with local authorities to give Council housing tenants freehold title to their houses and urging government to free up the electricity system so that private generating companies can provide the electricity the country so desperately needs. We are doing many other positive things for you, including defending private health care against the assault that has been launched against it.

Luminary Awards for those who inspire us
In order to give inspiration to our nation that is sorely in need of role models, the FMF identifies and presents Luminary Awards to unique individuals who inspire others in a particular sphere of life.

No amount too small
No amount is too small to make a difference in our determined efforts to improve South Africa’s dire economic situation, so please give what you can, we will deeply appreciate any donation.

My warmest welcome to you
I would very much like to extend my warmest welcome to you among the steadily increasing number of FMF supporters.

How to donate
To donate online using your credit card click here, or fill in this form FMF Donation Pledge.pdf and email it to or phone Terence Davie on 011 884 0270 with any questions you may have about assisting us.

Kindest regards,

Herman Mashaba

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