National Planning Commission on the National Development Plan (4)

Government’s role

  • Government’s primary economic role is to create an environment in which the private sector can flourish. This includes less government intervention, legislative certainty, lower taxes, low inflation, sound money, rule of law, security of property rights, an independent judiciary, and impartial courts.
  • Stop causing unemployment with inflexible labour legislation, excessive red tape, proposed legislation to zone townships (which could put 1 million informal traders out of business); stop harassing street traders who are trying to feed their families by doing an honest day’s work.
  • Do not make laws that favour vested interests.
  • Do not make laws that allow discretionary powers, increase uncertainty, and encourage corruption.
  • A fundamental mindset change is required to understand that government does more for the poor by doing less; government and the ruling party must understand that an economy cannot be “planned” – they must choose freedom over control.

Source:  Extract from the FMF’s submission to the National Planning Commission on the National Development Plan (NDP)

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