Prominent meteorologist disputes global warming theories

Fred Singer, a meteorologist at the University of Virginia, says the world has not warmed since 1940, whereas it appears to have warmed in the half-century or so up to that point in time. While he admits he doesn't know the cause of the warming then, he discounts the notion that it was due to human activity.

  • Singer bases his conclusions on studies of tree rings, coral reefs and ice-core bore holes.

  • He concurs that there has been an increase in greenhouse gases, but believes that was due to a "greening of the planet, improved agricultural yields and more vigorous forest growth."

  • Singer speculates that "heat islands" caused by urbanisation may have distorted temperature readings which appear to show a pronounced warming since 1975.

  • But surface temperature data which supports the warming theory is not confirmed by satellite records of temperatures three miles above the earth's surface – which show no evidence of warming.

    Singer made his remarks at The Hague last month during a United Nations sponsored conference that attempted to draft rules requiring cuts in greenhouse gases. Delegates to the conference ended their proceedings deadlocked.

    Source: London Daily Telegraph, Skeptic Rebuts Warming Premise, Washington Times, November 24, 2000.

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