Quarterly Review: April 2020 – June 2020


Progress through freedom

Quarterly Review
April 2020 – June 2020

FMF Projects
The FMF’s projects for 2020 include: A dedicated focus on the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown, Consumer rights, Economic freedom / Economic growth, Financial sector, Healthcare, Jobs creation / Labour, Land reform / property rights (with a particular focus on #EWC – Expropriation Without Compensation), Rule of Law, Transformation, as well as ad hoc issues as they arise.


The FMF works hard to increase its media coverage and reach as wide an audience as possible with its message about the benefits of economic freedom, growth and the rule of law.

320 ARTICLES that quote or mention the FMF or originate from interviews or media releases or were written specifically for the media or the FMF’s website were published this quarter. See projects below for more information.

40 INTERVIEWS this quarter on radio and TV.

12 MEDIA RELEASES this quarter. See projects below for more information.

The FMF is conscious of the power of SOCIAL MEDIA and we are working hard to reach more people via our website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offerings.

Twitter: 5,819 followers – up from 5,341 in previous quarter
Facebook: 6,168 followers – up from 5,706 in previous quarter
YouTube: 493 videos; 3,837 subscribers – up from 3,466 in previous quarter; 417,609 views – up from 383,409 in previous quarter

FMF researchers Martin van Staden, Mpiyakhe Dhlamini, Jacques Jonker and Chris Hattingh continue to do weekly vlogs and podcasts on a wide range of topics. In addition to the weekly ‘Free Marketeers’ vlog which features three of them discussing topics together, they often also do weekly podcasts on topics of their own choosing. All podcasts can be found on the FMF’s YouTube channel.

For the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown, Chris Hattingh hosted various discussions with guests on a range of issues pertaining to the COVID-19 lockdown. Here are a few highlights:


Watch these two golden oldies recently digitised and uploaded to our YouTube channel:
South Africa: The solution
A constitution worth fighting for

FMF history series
We have begun the mammoth task of unearthing and presenting our 43-year history.
If you would like to know more, why not begin by dipping into our under-construction timeline.
We have digitised our photographs and added them to our website beginning with our 1977 (re)inauguration – see galleries.
We have digitised ancient, dusty VHS tapes and uploaded them to our YouTube channel here. A few noteworthy standouts include Leon Louw’s presentations, a prelude to the writing of South African: The Solution. There are 6 videos in this 1985 series beginning with HISTORY SERIES South Africa: The Solution 1 of 6. See also our 1986 privatisation conference: HISTORY SERIES Privatisation conference 1986 1 of 3 and our 1989 consumer conference: HISTORY SERIES Consumer power conference 1989 1 of 5.

If you have any photographs or tales from FMF’s past, we would welcome you sharing them with us.