Seasonal gifts for South Africa’s socialists

HAVE you hugged a socialist lately? ’Tis the season for giving, so this, my last column for this year, gives generously to intellectually needy socialists. Socialists, that is anti-market fundamentalists and interventionists of all ilks, had a ghastly year, starting with rising "inequality" and culminating with a demographically unrepresentative South African becoming a globally unrepresentative Miss World.

Socialists’ lives have been such hell that decency requires festive generosity. Put yourself in their shoes: "the rich", who by definition earn more than "the poor", continued doing so; the climate, which has always changed, continued changing; Africa, which is meant to be a socialist backwater, continued abandoning socialism and booming; destitute people continued fleeing from socialist to capitalist countries; and an impoverished boy in Somalia was found without the latest smartphone.

The socialist search for "market failure" remained fruitless, so they continued blaming such government failures as financial crises, unemployment, Ponzi schemes and corruption on "the market".

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