Semiconductor sales ready to surge

Worldwide semiconductor sales will grow at double-digit rates over the next three years as manufacturers find new uses for them beyond the personal computer, concludes a new report from Dataquest, a unit of the Gartner Group.

  • Electronics manufacturers are putting semiconductors in cellular phones, game consoles, cameras, set-top boxes, handheld electronic organisers and other devices, the report says.

  • There have been continuing shortages of high-end processors and memory chips.

  • Worldwide, revenue from semiconductor sales are expected to jump 37 percent this year over 1999 - to $231.6 billion.

    Prices for semiconductors will remain high through 2001, say analysts, when new factories will be coming on line.

    Source: Associated Press, Study: Semiconductor Sales Set to Skyrocket," USA Today, October 9, 2000.

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