On 18 March 2021, FMF’s President Leon Louw, made an additional submission to the Portfolio Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure on the Expropriation Bill, 2020 which can be read HERE 

Apart from being concerned about the Bill itself, the purpose of this Submission is to draw the Committee’s attention to non-compliance with Constitutional and procedural imperatives. Although we are concerned about everyone’s public participation rights, we draw special attention to the poor and what public participation is required for the protection of their rights.

The poor are by far the most people whose land has historically been and will in future be expropriated. Unlike the rich, the poor:

  1. are generally uninformed about the implications of the Bill for them,
  2. have not been mobilised or organised to protect their rights and interests, and
  3. do not have the resources necessary to protect themselves if the Bill is enacted.

The public narrative misleads most people, especially the poor, into assuming that the Bill targets the rich for the benefit of the poor. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Committee will have received submissions reflecting this misconception and contributing to widespread disinformation.

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