Submission to ICASA on Mobile Broadband Services

What distinguishes this Submission from virtually all other submissions is that the FMF has no vested interest in the outcome. Our sole concern is the rights and interests of consumers (ie all citizens), especially the poor. Consumer interests are best advanced by what the eminent South African economist and anti-apartheid advocate, Prof William Hutt, called “Consumer Sovereignty”. A free or relatively free economy is a perpetual Consumer Democracy; consumers “vote” with every rand they spend, withhold, invest or save for what they want, not what others – vested interests, lobbies, regulators, ideologues etc – want to force on them.

We are extremely concerned about multiple constitutional and legal issues presented by the Draft Mobile Broadband Services Regulations (DMBSR). Some of our concerns almost certainly, and some possibly, render all or aspects of the DMBSR unlawful.

The FMF’s submission can be read HERE.

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