Support the Khaya Lam Land Reform Project

This is your chance to make a measurable, visible and tangible difference and help to bring about economic and social upliftment in South Africa for the small amount of R1850

The Khaya Lam (my house) Land Reform Project is an FMF initiative. Its aim is to convert all municipal council-­owned apartheid-era rental houses into freehold and freely tradable properties with title deeds issued to the registered occupants, many of whom have lived in them for decades under a form of “house arrest”. Ownership of millions of these council rental houses is currently held by the municipalities.

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Khaya Lam aims:

To Empower Individuals

Social upliftment through “Pride in ownership”.

Conversion of “dead capital” to “active capital” in the hands of the owners

Freehold Title ownership of properties enables owners to apply for loans and mortgages.

To Promote Individual Freedom

Ownership of freely tradable property enables the individual to sell or lease their house should they pursue employment elsewhere. Under current conditions, they lose their right to occupation if they move.

To Uplift the Community

Ownership encourages maintenance and improvement of properties.

Increased demand creates employment opportunities in building and house maintenance.

To Promote Small Enterprises

Creation of a property market and the need for related enterprises e.g. estate agencies.

Stimulates small building and maintenance enterprises

Pilot ProjectNgwathe (Parys, Free State)

The pilot project was launched in October 2013 in Ngwathe (near Parys), Free State. It enjoys the support of the Premier of the Free State, Ace Magashule, and has received unanimous approval from all of the political parties involved in the municipal council.

Project Costs

The cost of conversion per property (conveyancing costs, administration and supervision costs) has been reduced to a minimal amount of R1,850.

Current Focus

To convert ownership of Ngwathe’s estimated 30,000 municipal council rental houses to freehold title.

Future Focus

National: There are more than 7 million municipal-­owned rental houses.

Every contribution counts. We need the support of all South Africans and everyone with an interest in South Africa to facilitate this great and very meaningful project.

Click here to contribute to real land reform in South Africa today - Khaya Lam Pledge Form

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