The FMF submission to NERSA on Eskom's price increase application (MYPD3)

This comment on Eskom’s MYPD 3 revenue application is submitted on behalf of the people of South Africa.  The Free Market Foundation (FMF) is an independent non-profit public benefit organisation founded in 1975 to promote and foster an open society, the rule of law, personal liberty, and economic and press freedom as fundamental components of its advocacy of human rights and democracy based on classical liberal principles.

In carrying out its mandate the FMF is duty bound to put forward policy proposals that have the potential to bring about the greatest long term benefits for South Africa’s people. Regrettably, the FMF is also compelled to warn policy makers when policies which they propose to implement, or have been requested to implement, have the potential to inflict irreparable long term harm on the economy and the country’s people.

*Note* The full submission is in PDF format. Access the PDF below*

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